It was nice spending three nights here and not having to move camp each day.  Our plan is to cache four to six quarts of water each at the Jumpup Canyon intersection before traveling on to Showerbath Spring.  That way, we will have plenty of water there when we return in two days, allowing us to camp at the intersection and saving about a mile each way to the "Hidden Pool."  We reach Jumpup Canyon in about a half-hour and stash our water in different locations just in case some animals might get into one of them.

Bob and Keith breaking camp
10-6-2008 @ 8:25
Jumpup Canyon intersection
10-6-2008 @ 8:56

     In just a little while, we find another fossilized shell in the rock.  The Kanab Creek bed is pretty rough, so the going has been slow.  Our day hike to Chamberlain Canyon yesterday taught us that most of the sand bars/benches have established trails that are considerably easier and faster than walking in the creek bed.

A fossilized shell
10-6-2008 @ 9:19
A rough Kanab Creek bed
10-6-2008 @ 9:26
Trail on the sand bar/bench
10-6-2008 @ 9:39

     We meet two guys headed upstream to Kwagunt Hollow.  They give us campsite and water advice.

  Two guys headed upstream
10-6-2008 @ 9:54

     In another hour and a half, we reach the first water, a medium size pool.  Then, within a matter of a few hundred yards, the water starts flowing heavily as we go by an unnamed spring.  Actually, it's a little challenging getting past all the water without getting your feet wet.

First water south bound
10-6-2008 @ 11:20
A little more water
10-6-2008 @ 11:23
A lot more water
10-6-2008 @ 11:30

     The relatively dark conditions of our hike caused by these slot canyons have caused my camera flash to be activated more than normal.  I just switched to my second and last battery, so I may have to curtail my customary frequent picture taking.  We stop for lunch a little after noon.

Narrowleaf Penstemon
10-6-2008 @ 11:35
Bob at our lunch break
10-6-2008 @ 12:25
Keith at our lunch break
10-6-2008 @ 12:25

     It really is amazing how much water there is in the creek bed now.  We reach Showerbath Spring, not realizing we were this close.  The spring is covered with ferns and Crimson Monkey Flowers.  It's easy to see how the spring got its name.  The water drips profusely from the thick plant shroud at the spring into a couple of tight rings, resembling a shower head.

More water to get past
10-6-2008 @ 12:54
Showerbath Spring
10-6-2008 @ 1:18
A dripping Showerbath Spring
10-6-2008 @ 3:19

     We learned from the two guys earlier that the campsites are a few hundred yards before reaching Showerbath Spring up on a sand plateau, so we backtrack a little and follow the footprints uphill to our campsite.  We are the only ones here.  Bob and Keith take two spots up on the plateau while I pick a site next to the gurgling water in the creek.

Richard's tent on night six
10-6-2008 @ 3:34
Bob's tent on night six
10-6-2008 @ 3:36
Keith's tent on night six
10-6-2008 3:37

     Our plan tomorrow is to do a day hike down to Scotty's Castle and Scotty's Hollow.


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