Last night it rained quite a bit after midnight, but the wet weather system seems to be clearing out as we get up for the morning.  After breakfast we get our daypacks ready and head out for Chamberlain Canyon.  We are going to be hunting for Petroglyphs/Pictographs that we understand are there.  In a little while, we find a fossilized footprint in the stone.  Near it is a real footprint in the mud.

Bob and Keith on our day hike
10-5-2008 @ 8:11
A fossilized footprint
10-5-2008 @ 8:54
A real footprint
10-5-2008 @ 8:54

     The Canyon walls are starting to open up a little bit, giving us a much greater view than we've had the last few days.  We pass one of several unnamed side canyons.  Even though it rained a lot yesterday and last night, this creek bed shows how crusty it still is.

Looking upstream
10-5-2008 @ 9:03
An unnamed side canyon
10-5-2008 @ 9:16
A dry creek bed
10-5-2008 @ 9:18

     In about an hour and a half, we are approaching Chamberlain Canyon.  At its mouth, we find a nice rock ledge where we take a break.  There are several pools of water nearby, apparently remnants of yesterday's rain.

Chamberlain Canyon
10-5-2008 @ 9:36
Chamberlain Canyon
and Kanab Creek
10-5-2008 @ 9:39
Mouth of
Chamberlain Canyon
10-5-2008 @ 9:39

     We decide to split up to increase our chances of finding some Indian artifacts.  Bob and I explore up the left side of the canyon while Keith goes up the right side and searches at the far south end.  We meet up at the south end near some pools of water and take a break.  None of us has discovered anything.  On the way back down canyon, we again give it the old college try, but still no luck.  We are disappointed not to have found any Petroglyphs/Pictographs.

Bob and Keith during a break
10-5-2008 @ 10:45
Keith searching under a ledge
10-5-2008 @ 11:14

     We do find a surprising variety of plants and flowers today, though.

Green fungus
10-5-2008 @ 10:04
White Astor
10-5-2008 @ 11:06
Tansyleaf Astor
10-5-2008 @ 12:50
Beaver Tail Cactus in bloom
10-5-2008 @ 12:58
Narrowleaf Penstemon
10-5-2008 @ 1:01
Arizona Sneezeweed
10-5-2008 @ 1:44

     On the way back, we find a single medium size animal bone.  Then we see a piece of plastic pipe that must have flowed downstream a long ways to end up here.

A single bone
10-5-2008 @ 1:39
A stray piece of plastic pipe
10-5-2008 @ 1:51

     We have discovered that the sand bars/benches beside the creek bed normally have established trails on them that are considerably easier and faster than walking in the creek bed.  We get back to camp about 2:00 and lounge around the rest of the day.

The long walk back to camp
10-5-2008 @ 1:53
Back at camp
10-5-2008 @ 2:02

     Tomorrow we are going downstream to Showerbath Spring for two nights.


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