After breakfast this morning, we get ready for our day hike to Scotty's Castle and Scotty's Hollow when a group from Phoenix comes by just before we leave.  Bob is going to wear his water shoes today while Keith and I are wearing our boots but carrying our water shoes just in case they are needed.  We meet the Phoenix group at Showerbath Spring where we take turns getting each other's picture.

Ron, his daughter Janel, and Jim
10-7-2008 @8:52
Richard, Keith, and Bob
10-7-2008 @ 8:55

     We leave Showerbath Spring going downstream, but it's initially a little challenging getting past a very large boulder and the deep water without getting your whole body wet.  After our mild scramble, it's a lot of boulder hopping and rock jumping to avoid the water.  We reach Scotty's Castle in about a half-hour.  The tall spire that is called Scotty's Castle is interesting, but is not displayed by name on a map, so I wonder how it got that name.  [Editor's note - subsequent research indicates that Scotty's Castle and Scotty's Hollow are named after a local cattle thief named Scotty.]  Our Phoenix friends come by shortly headed up Scotty's Hollow.  We decide to make this an easy day and forgo a hike up Scotty's Hollow. 

Scotty's Castle
10-7-2008 @ 9:34
Scotty's Hollow
10-7-2008 @ 9:45

     After lounging around here for an hour, we head back upstream to Showerbath Spring.  Keith and I successfully navigate both directions without getting our feet wet.  However, I suspect that any travel farther south than Scotty's Castle would require putting on your water shoes and a lot of wading.

Kanab Creek - Scotty's Castle
10-7-2008 @  10:01
White Primrose
10-7-2008 @ 10:58
Nearly to Showerbath Spring
10-7-2008 @ 11:26

     In the stream beside our camp is a small pool of water with an interesting reflection of the Canyon wall high above us.

  Canyon wall reflection
10-7-2008 @ 2:51

    The really warm weather this afternoon and the crystal clear water in Kanab Creek make for a nice day for a swim.  Oops, we forgot our swim suits. 

The local swimming hole
10-7-2008 @ 3.10
The local swimming hole
10-7-2008 @ 3:11

     Later this afternoon, Bob and I are sitting near the creek talking when I mention to him that since I don't have my camera with me a Bighorn Sheep will probably come by.  Sure enough, in about thirty minutes, one comes walking upstream in the creek bed.  I quickly run over to my tent and get my camera.  The Bighorn doesn't quite know what to make of us as I take my first picture.  He gets spooked after my second picture and heads out of here in high gear.

Bighorn Sheep
10-7-2008 @ 4:18
Bighorn Sheep
10-7-2008 @ 4:19

     Tomorrow we are going back upstream to the intersection of Kanab Creek and Jumpup Canyon for the night.  Hopefully, the water we cached is still there.


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