This is a test on the naming of various places in the Grand Canyon.  It is educational and fun, but can be challenging.  The objective is to answer seven questions correctly.

1. According to the story, this person shot a badger along the banks of a creek.  He took the badger to another creek and put it on the fire to boil.  In the morning, instead of stew, the alkali in the water and the fat from the badger resulted in a kettle of soap, hence the two creeks became known as Badger and Soap Creeks.  Who was this Mormon pioneer?

John K. Hiller
John Doyle Lee
Seth Tanner
Jacob Hamblin

2. What is this Grand Canyon feature named by Emery Kolb because he believed the ash pits there contained human remains?

Carbon Butte
Dead Horse Mesa
Cremation Creek
Fossil Canyon

3. This nearly tropical area with ferns and orchids has this name because of the many travertine formations there which must have been mined by these creatures?

Deva Temple
Elves Chasm
Angels Gate
Venus Temple

4. This popular camping spot used to be known as Angel Terrace.

Monument Creek
Cottonwood Camp
Bright Angel Campground
Indian Garden

5. The magnificent sandstone arch below Point Imperial known as Kolb Arch, Kolb Bridge, or Kolb Natural Bridge was named for Emery Kolb in 1953 by this person.

Grand Canyon NP Superintendent Harold Bryant
Arizona Governor J. Howard Pyle
Senator Barry M. Goldwater
President Dwight D. Eisenhower

6. Pipe Creek, between the South Kaibab Trail and Bright Angel Trail, got its name because this person left a meerschaum pipe on the trail with a fake date carved in it as a joke.

Emery Kolb
Peter Berry
John Hance
Ralph Cameron

7. What is the name of the place where three people left John Wesley Powell's original expedition of the Grand Canyon and were later killed by Indians?

Lava Cliff Rapids
Separation Rapids
Granite Rapids
Crystal Rapids

8. What is the name of the place near Deer Creek discovered by accident by E. O. Beaman, photographer on Powell's second expedition, hence its name?  [Editor's note - for some unknown reason, the U.S. Geological Survey moved this map location around 1960 to its current inaccurate location between Deer Creek and Thunder River].

Surprise Valley
Accident Hill
Sudden Plateau
Wonder Point

9. Which falls are named for this prospector who fell to his death here in 1880?

Ayer Falls
Ribbon Falls
Beaver Falls
Mooney Falls

10. What is the point on the South Rim named for one of the greatest landscape painters of the American West who spent nearly every winter at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon from 1899 to 1920?

Widforss Point
Moran Point
Millet Point
McKee Point


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