Reaching the Bill Hall trailhead can be a challenge.  I drove there in October, 2004, from Jacob Lake and took detailed odometer readings.  The total distance is 33.7 miles and takes just under one hour.  To get there from the Jacob Lake Inn parking lot, do the following:

  • Make a right turn out of the parking lot and go south on Highway 67 for .3 miles.
  • Turn right at the "RV Camping Sign" onto Forest Road 461.  Continue generally west on FR 461 for 5.4 miles.

  • There is a slight fork in the road at this point where the road turns into Forest Road 462.  Continue generally west on the right fork (almost straight ahead) which is now FR 462 for 3.2 miles until a stop sign.

  • At the stop sign, turn left on Forest Road 22.  The road is paved, but only for a short distance.  Continue generally south on FR 22 for 11.6 miles until you come to Forest Road 425.

  • Turn right on FR 425 (there is a large highway sign indicating it is to Crazy Jug) and continue generally southwest and south for 10.1 miles until the road turns into Forest Road 292.

  • Continue on FR 292 for .2 miles until a sign says to turn right to Monument Point.

  • Turn right at this sign and continue on FR 292 for 1.2 miles until you come to another sign saying Monument Point on Forest Road 292A.

  • Take FR 292A for 1.7 miles until you come to the Monument Point parking lot, which is the trailhead for the Bill Hall Trail.


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