Trail junction at base of Redwall to:
Distance in miles from Trail junction at base of Redwall Elevation
in feet
Water Toilet Emergency
S.W. trail junction 0.5 3700 No No No No No
Deer Spring 2.0 2740 Untreated No No No No
Deer Creek campground 2.75 2400 Untreated Yes No No Yes
The Narrows 3.25 2360 Untreated No No No No
Deer Creek Falls 3.75 1940 Untreated No No No No

     The Deer Creek Trail begins in Surprise Valley.  If you are coming down the Redwall, you will come to a cairn just before reaching the floor of Surprise Valley.  The trail splits into two directions here: one to the southeast to Thunder River and one to the southwest to Deer Creek.  The southwest trail has a few ups and downs but is substantially level until reaching the southwest triangular trail junction.  If you are coming up from Thunder River, you want to turn due west at the southeast triangular cairn and take the southern trail west across Surprise Valley until reaching the southwest triangular trail junction. 

     From here the trail heads due west and begins a gradual descent.  The farther west you go the rougher and rockier the trail becomes.  Eventually you reach a ridge above Deer Spring.  The trail plunges rapidly from here until reaching the cutoff to Deer Spring.  You can get water from Deer Spring and see the massive rock chairs hikers have constructed in the "Throne Room."  After proceeding down the trail about a quarter-mile, you reach a flat area of cane and willow bushes.  The trail through the brush is narrow in places and may require you to stoop or crawl to get through.  When you reach a "Y," take the right fork and make your way to the Creek.  A little boulder hopping is required to cross the creek and reach the trail on the other side.  It is about one-quarter mile south from here to the two designated campsites:  one group campsite and one smaller campsite. 

     The Narrows is about one-half mile south of the main campsite.  It is an area where the flowing water has eroded away swirling striations deep into the rock.  Just south of the Narrows is a cliff several hundred feet above the Colorado River.  After another quarter mile down the trail, you will reach Deer Creek Falls, a favorite place for river rafters to stop.


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